Effective web design is judged by the users of the website, not the website owners; it's important to remember that is not just about how a website looks, but how it functions. A website should have a clear purpose and be able to communicate clearly. There are many aspects of website design to consider including navigation, load time, layout,  SEO, Google Analytics, and having a responsive or mobile friendly interface. Online marketing and social media are also key factors in a successful online presence.  


UI Design/Web Apps

User interface design starts with clarity. Users must able able to recognize and understand the purpose of the interface. Interfaces should be able to show relationships and lead the user to certain expectations. UI design should incorporate a good balance between form and function.

Landing Pages/Banners

Simplicity is key when designing landing pages, with one task in mind and that is to convert. A "Call to Action" button should be instantly recognizable and should tell users what will happen when they click it. The landing page message should always match the ad, and it is vital that the forms be user friendly.