Promotional Items

Promotional items can be used alone or integrated with other media in a multitude of ways. Top industries using promotional items are education, finance, healthcare, and construction. Promos have a high ROI and 76% recall rate. Last year 71% of people have received at least one promotional item, as well as 52% of recipients stating they would do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product.


Apparel is by far the most successful promotional product and one of my favorites. It is versatile, cost effective and can be used in many creative ways. Custom T-shirts are at the top of the list, because they make great conversation starters, and convert the wearers into walking billboards.

Vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are simply fun to do, and are a highly visible way to advertise business. Wrapping a vehicle is cheaper then painting,  easy to care for and long lasting. Vinyl is also very versatile as it conforms to any surface,  even a brick wall!