BigBlueMoon Clock

I like producing folk art in my spare time, I painted a clock for the new studio.


The Legend of Trail 18A

This was just a fun image I composed from a legendary weekend hiking trip with my brother!

Friday Fun- Leva's Polka

This song was first popular on the internet under Leek Spin, but I found the original group to be nicer to watch, Loituma- Leva's Polka, even though I don't understand it I find it very fun to listen to, very catchy.

The song takes the point of view of a young man and Ieva/Eva/Eeva in Finnish, who sneak away to where everyone is dancing to a polka, and dance all night.


2017 Big Blue Moon Website Redesign

Well it's not as news worthy as going to to moon, but I will try to post interesting and inspiring news here. In the past I have kept kind of a blog diary, but always wanted to open up my blog to wider interest, share links, and show other design that I find interesting. Look for more to come in the near future. for now here is a link if you want to kill some time. Enjoy!