Some visual solutions can only be achieved through illustration. I try to use illustration when photography can not be used effectively. It can help convey complex and witty solutions, as well as breaking reality and conventional perspectives. Combining illustration and graphic design techniques to further clarify complex ideas and formulate unique results are techniques I incorporate in my work.


Ah! the glory days of Walt Disney Feature Animation! It was a shame that the Florida studio closed in 2003. These are some samples of work I did as a traditional Effects Animation Assistant Animator, yeah those guys who drew on paper and used a animation disk. Examples of effects animation would be smoke, water, fire, dust, snow, rain and props held by characters.

Sketch Book

Keeping a sketchbook is about making your thoughts and ideas become reality. I use sketchbooks to record new Ideas, and help explore possible solutions. A lot of thought goes in to the sketch process, as it helps with both illustration and design concepts, from composition to color studies. A strong thumbnail sketch can be easily developed into a finished concept.